How does Mirror121 work?

The Mirror121 server runs in your own infrastructure, either on-premises or in the cloud. Depending on how you configure it, Mirror121 downloads the data changes from a Salesforce instance and updates a mirror database. No changes are needed in your Salesforce instance;  the mirror uses Salesforce’s out-of-the-box API.

All you need is a server with the agent installed and a mirror database (this could include Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake, MySQL, and many others.) running either on-premises . This database can be used for custom reporting, data warehouse load, system integration, backup and more.


Off-Load Reporting and Business Intelligence

Mirror121 lets you easily create powerful and flexible reports on your own infrastructure – connect your own reporting platforms and BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Cognos, Microsoft Reporting Services or SAP Business Objects to Salesforce. Store your Salesforce data on databases like MySQL, MS SQL, Snowflake or Oracle.

Data Archiving

Archive your company’s Salesforce data in the mirror database and lighten the load on your instance by erasing unnecessary bulk data from your Salesforce instance’s database.

Local Backup

Backup your Salesforce data onto a filesystem in your local environment. Restore lost data caused by human errors, malicious insiders or errors in automated scripts.

Improved Performance

Because only a few reports or integrated applications need live data, Mirror121 reduces load on your Salesforce instance and improves performance.

Simplify Integrations

Your mirror database can be leveraged to connect read-only integrations, integrate applications with a database on a local network and improve integration architecture.

Disaster Recovery

Get peace of mind knowing that there’s a copy of your mission-critical data stored on a local server, with guaranteed access even if your internet or application service provider is not available.