Unlocking the advantages in your Salesforce data

Due to its ease of use and the wealth of functionality, it’s easy to see why Salesforce is massively popular with companies. Combine that with the fact that it’s a cloud application, its extensibility and its huge community, and you have a recipe for global success. 

Because Salesforce is a cloud service, many companies may think that they don’t need to worry about backups and replication of their data. They may not even know that it’s possible to make a replica of their Salesforce data to their own infrastructure.

It is possible, and that’s where Mirror121 comes in. Mirror121 is a smart data replication tool for Salesforce, and with Mirror121, companies can: 

  • Use the data generated by Salesforce in third-party data analysis applications such as Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft PowerBI, SAP Business Objects and others. These specialized tools can identify trends, patterns and opportunities in your data that are hiding in plain sight.
  • Create powerful and effective reports and dashboards based on up-to-date data coming from Salesforce
  • Store data within a country for compliance with its data residency laws.
  • Maintain a regularly-updated copy of crucial business data ready for faster disaster recovery

For example, using a dashboard connected to data from Salesforce, a sales manager can track the performance of individual sales reps in individual sectors or parts of town,  which can then be used for tasks such as determining where to assign them in the future. Using such a dashboard, you can easily view all of the sales reps in the field, where your most recent sales occurred and where your team expects the next sales to occur. In addition to seeing the performance of individual team members, you can also see by team, by region and by market segment – all of which become actionable for your organisation.

Mirror121 can be run from servers in your own data infrastructure or on cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or the Snowflake database platform. This gives you increased flexibility as well as greater control over how and where your data is stored.

Mirror121 is available for a free trial download which will let you see its benefits firsthand. You can sign up for a trial here. In addition, we’re also happy to arrange a demo and introduction at your convenience. You can write directly to to arrange a time.