Using external dashboards with Salesforce

There are thousands of reasons why companies use Salesforce – its ease of use, the fact that it’s a cloud application, extensibility and its huge community are just some of the reasons. At the same time, business dashboards are becoming an ever more important tool for companies seeking to make use of the large amounts of data their companies generate. So how can you use one with the other?

Business dashboards provide a graphical information management tool used for tracking KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a business, department, or specific process. Through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance.

What many Salesforce users may not know about is that they are not limited to the default dashboard and reporting tools that come with the platform. Data can be exported from the Salesforce cloud and used with third-party dashboard and business intelligence applications such as Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Qlik and SAP BusinessObjects BI.

That’s where Mirror121 works for you. Mirror121 is a smart replication tool for Salesforce that lets you make copies of your Salesforce data from the cloud to your own infrastructure. Mirror121 empowers companies to make a replica of their Salesforce data, to on-premises hardware or to a company’s cloud services. Mirror121 is compatible with all leading cloud solutions, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as up-and-coming services such as Snowflake.

When Mirror121 has replicated the data from your Salesforce cloud instance, it’s easy to connect your dashboard tool to your local database. You set the extent of replication with several different parameters according to your requirements. The end result is a dataset that’s constantly updated with relevant information from ServiceNow, one which can then feed your dashboard. 

Many companies have already settled on one BI platform or another, and their dashboards are in those platforms as well. Mirror121 can meet your needs by providing an intermediate step between Salesforce and your BI platform.

There are always debates in IT about whether it is better to build or buy, and this is also true for dashboards – you can build yours in-house, buy one pre-made or hire an external developer or agency to make one according to your requirements. To further expand your options, an entire ecosystem of third-party dashboard makers provide both custom dashboard creation and pre-built dashboards that run on platforms like Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI.

No matter what your choice, Mirror121 supports all of these solutions and most of the top dashboard platforms, so we’ve got you covered.

Watch this space for further blog posts and webinars that will go into greater detail about making successful data visualisations. We’ll also show you how to work with your Salesforce data in  with cloud services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. In addition, Mirror121 has a detailed and updated admin guide here.