Using Mirror121 with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud services in the world, offering everything from virtual machines to SQL servers to managed disks. Mirror121 is a smart replication tool for Salesforce. But what a lot of potential Mirror121 users…

Using external dashboards with Salesforce


There are thousands of reasons why companies use Salesforce – its ease of use, the fact that it’s a cloud application, extensibility and its huge community are just some of the reasons. At the same time, business dashboards are becoming…

Unlocking the advantages in your Salesforce data


Due to its ease of use and the wealth of functionality, it’s easy to see why Salesforce is massively popular with companies. Combine that with the fact that it’s a cloud application, its extensibility and its huge community, and you…

How to load Salesforce data into AWS


With more than 34% market share of the entire global cloud – larger than its next three competitors combined – Amazon Web Services’ position on the market is dominant. AWS offers a wide variety of services, everything from content distribution…

How does Mirror121 work?


The Mirror121 server runs in your own infrastructure, either on-premises or in the cloud. Depending on how you configure it, Mirror121 downloads the data changes from a Salesforce instance and updates a mirror database. No changes are needed in your…

Why To Mirror Salesforce Data


Salesforce is the leading cloud platform for automating sales and customer service processes. But Salesforce is not only about Service Cloud or Sales Cloud products. It is a real cloud platform for a wide variety of enterprise solutions. As a…

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